KBA Offers Reimbursement as a Member Benefit

The Kentucky Broadcasters Association will reimburse broadcast stations licensed to a community in the Commonwealth of Kentucky and KBA members for NAB Show, Small Market Television Exchange, Country Radio Seminar and NAB/RAB Radio Show up to the annually approved amounts. Reimbursement amounts are approved by the Board of Directors at the Fall Board Meeting for the following year.

Approved Reimbursements for 2017:

* Country Radio Seminar – Registration Fee Only
* NAB Show, Las Vegas – Up to $1,000 per attendee
* RAB/NAB Radio Show, Austin TX – Up to $750 per attendee
* Small Market Television Exchange – Up to $1,000 per attendee

Reimbursement Requirements:

1. Reimbursement is to be submitted after the conference.
2. All reimbursements must be received within 60 days of the last day of the conference.
3. Each reimbursement must include the reimbursement form and applicable receipts (up to the approved amount.)

Reimbursable expenses include:
Registration Fees

4. Each reimbursement must include a copy of the attendee’s name badge from the conference.