KBA members meet with Congressmen Comer, Guthrie

On Wednesday, August 30th members of the KBA had the distinct honor of meeting with Congressman James Comer in Madisonville, KY and then on Thursday, August 31st with Congressman Brett Guthrie in Bowling Green, KY. The sessions consisted of what can we do as broadcasters to aid our Congressmen. A special thank you to Congressman Comer and Congressman Gurthie for meeting with us.

Chris Freeland of Freeland Broadcasting (L) speaking with Representative James Comer on Wednesday, August 30th in Madisonville

(l-r) Bud Walters, Dale Thornhill, Derron Steenbergen, Representative Brett Guthrie, Mike Tarter, Julie Milam, Henry Lackey, Steve Newberry, Mark Buckles, Brad Odil and David Brinkley in Bowling Green