KBA Live Training Roadshow


11/13: Paducah at 8:30am, Paducah Regional Campus of Murray State University, 303 Sparks Hall

11/13: Madisonville at 2:30pm,  Madisonville Regional Campus of Murray State University, Bldg 4

11/14: Elizabethtown at 8:30am, Elizabethtown Tourism and Convention Bureau

11/14: Somerset  at 2:30pm, Cumberland Room, Courtyard Marriott

11/15: Pikeville at 8:30am, Hilton Garden Inn

11/16: Frankfort at 8:30am, KBA Headquarters


Speed Marriott – Owner / CEO, P1 Learning

Speed Marriott began his career in broadcasting over 30 years ago as a copywriter. He quickly discovered that copywriters drove cars from the previous decade, while account executives drove cars from the current decade. Based on this revelation the move was made to sales and he has never looked back.
Speed has worked for broadcast companies such as Shamrock Broadcasting (Disney), South Central Communications, and Entercom Communications. In 2000 Speed joined forces with Advantage Systems and in 2007 Speed partnered with broadcaster Katey Woolam to found the online training company, P1 Learning. Today P1 Learning caters to thousands of traditional broadcast stations and media based companies on an international basis.
Embracing Digital Sales (Two Hour Session)
As a media seller, you must become an absolute champion of both traditional and digital media. You are no longer just a Radio or TV rep, you are a brand and marketing specialist! And that’s going to require you to set aside all of your pre-conceived media biases. In this session we will give you an understanding of…
* The Features & Benefits of Your Media Assets
* Three Primary Types of Digital Media: Owned, Paid & Earned
* The Definitions for Today’s Top 10 Digital Terms
* The Consumer Purchase Path
Whether it’s digital or traditional media, the process of building a brand is the same. Embracing this is your first step toward success.