This Week’s Three Sales Ideas

nrf1 – Free NRF Data!

Eric Moore shows how to access and use free, constantly updated consumer data provided by the National Retail Federation! Up this time around: Purchase Plans and Deferrals.


hospital2 – Hospitals

Stephen Warley offers strategies and trends for selling advertising to hospitals.


auto terms3 – Auto Terms

John Tkac is back with four more terms that you need to know when you call on auto dealers! Find out how your LOCAL dealer’s “floor plan cost” can help you to sell more advertising. This information and much more is contained in this segment!


Featured Broadcast Pro of the Week

“I love LBS because of the nuggets of information….whether it’s a full on webinar… the weekly sales ideas… something I can go back to for a refresher… etc. I share the information with sales staff for discussion and inevitably the conversation goes deeper into the problem/situation/outcome of the appointment or client project. LBS is a good resource for broadcast salespeople starting out or who have been at it for a while as a little refresher or different way at looking at the profession. Thanks for doing what you do!”

– Cathy Edwards, WFWA, Fort Wayne, IN

Happy Selling,

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