This Week’s Three Free LBA Sales Ideas



1 – Auto Q&A

Wow. John Tkac takes live automotive questions directly from broadcasters! In this session, he answers the following questions:

▪ How do you think vehicle page views impact an auto sale?
▪ Is there a best time of the week to concentrate your radio schedules? Is backloading it toward the weekend best?
▪ You mentioned term limits associated with spending Dealer Cash program funds – are specific times better than others to optimize the chance to leverage the dealer’s ad funding?
▪ Why are dealers so attracted to news? What is the best tactic to take to get a dealer on a non-news TV station?
▪ Does advertising Service and Parts fit in with “The Elements of Compelling Automotive Creative”?


2 – Vital Skills

Gary Moore brings us a jam-packed session on skill sets that actually matter in your sales efforts!


3 – Non Profits

Bob Brown of Opportunity Village in Nevada talks about how he views competition, differentiation, financial supporters, and how he uses marketing information.

Featured Broadcast Pro of the Week

“I love LBS because they provide sales tips that are useful for my team.”
– Amanda Enis, KCNY, Conway, AR

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The LBS Team
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