Chris Lytle’s Instant Sales Training

Instant-Sales-Training-LogoVia Instant Sales Training, KBA members can get an archive of 75 pre-planned sales training sessions. Then, each week you’ll get an email from Chris to let you know about the new sales Instant Sales Training session.

To sign up, put “Kentucky” in the subject line and email
the full name and email of the person who does the bulk of your sales training.

Chris LytleInstant Sales Training

Chris Lytle
Instant Sales Training

You can also link to Supercharged Sales Management now. It is a compelling 53-minute video to make 2017 your year.

As a bonus, you will receive access to all of the webinar recordings. of this year’s webinar series. Train new people or retrain your veterans with these sales sessions:

  • Preventing and Overcoming Broadcast Sales’ Toughest Objectives
  • More First Meetings: Getting in to see Those Hard-to See- Prospects
  • Advanced Consulting Skills for Broadcast Advertising Sales People
  • How to “Talk” Advertising with Your Prospects and Customers Today”
  • You can brush up on your sales management skills with these webinars:
  • Running Sales Training Sessions That Really Increase Sales
  • Twelve Sales Management Lessons You Shouldn’t Have to Learn the Hard Way
  • Scarce Talent: Finding and Hiring the Best Salespeople
  • The Coaching Imperative: How Great Managers Get More Loyalty and Production from their Sellers.

Additionally, you will not want to miss Chris Lytle’s sessions at the 2017 KBA Conference!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Back to Basics and…Beyond! The New Fundamentals of Selling Broadcast Advertising
At the end of this fast-paced, highly-detailed session, your sales team will have new skills and gain proven strategies for selling new business and upselling current advertisers. From this seminar, you will gain:

  • Understanding of the local advertiser’s dilemma
  • How to “talk advertising” instead of spewing rates, ratings, and station information
  • The BIG QUESTION to ask yourself before every meeting or presentation
  • The Advertising Masters: 7 people who made a powerful contribution to advertising and why they are important to you today.
  • What to put on the first page of any written presentation and what to leave off….and much more!

Building Relationships Your Competitors Can’t Steal
Chris Lytle’s promise is a bold one: his sessions contain more useable information per minute than any sales seminar that you have ever attended. He’s noted for cramming his presentations with immediately applicable information. This is a superb opportunity to differentiate your salespeople in a crowded marketplace. In this seminar, you will learn:

  • The missing metrics: 3 key measurements that every salesperson needs to track
  • How to determine the strength of your current business relationships
  • Three powerful new ways to think about closing sales
  • Using these zero pressure closes to secure sales and strengthen business relationships
  • Performing ” Sales Pipeline Angioplasty” to get stalled deals moving and dead deals out of your pipeline.
  • How to answer the buyer’s five unasked questions early in the meeting and instantly differentiate yourself from the competition.
  • Becoming less vulnerable to being commoditized and having stolen on price.

Stay tuned for more conference updates!