This Week’s Three Sales Ideas


1 – Dealer Q&A

* Why have dealers’ direct mail budgets stayed consistent?

* What is the difference between pump in and pump out?

* Are 15 second short form ads more valuable or do dealers prefer traffic and weather type sponsorship ads?

* How do we get the attention of a dealer’s ad agency that only wants to talk about ratings?

* When manufacturers offer more co-op reimbursement for using their pre-produced ads, the dealer then loses most of their time to sell a car. Nice branding and pre-approved co-op, but what do you do?

* What would you say to a Chevy dealer who refuses to do any radio or TV to get him to reconsider that strategy?


2 – Buy Local

Stephen Warley offers strategies and trends for selling advertising for a Buy Local campaign.


3 – Furniture

In this session, Mike Dayley of Walker Furniture in Las Vegas talks about how advertising provides solutions for his store and what marketing information you should have available when calling on his business!


Featured Broadcast Pro of the Week

“I Love LBS because it is the one go to professional site for me that has great ideas for the broadcast industry and it has never failed me yet!!!”

– Lee Ann Oliver, WCSJ/WJDK, Morris, IL

Happy Selling,

The LBS Team

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