This Week’s Three FREE LBS Sales Videos


1 – Service Absorption

John Tkac talks about what it means for an auto dealer to have 100% service absorption and why you should know which dealers in your market have achieved it and which have not!



2 – Halloween and November Holidays

Sally Kohn brings us some great promotional ideas that we can use around the themes of Halloween and Thanksgiving. These ideas will get you thinking beyond the normal retail targets that initially come to mind for these holidays!



3 – Auto Terms!

John Tkac is back and he’s taking a look at more auto terms that you need to know when you call on local dealers. In this segment, he defines and discusses “charge Back”, “pump out”, “pump in”, and more!


Featured Broadcast Pro of the Week

“I love LBS because of the video sessions that LBS offers and it provides a lot of good reminders and new tips for my local sales staff.”
– Stacey Sieverding, KTTW, Humboldt, SD

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