This Week’s Three FREE Sales Videos


1 – Mastering Smartphones

Gary Moore discusses six more ways that your smartphone is probably negatively changing you and causing you to be less successful!



2 – Collections

Mark Levy begins a series on the touchy issue of collecting past due accounts. He starts by covering some good practices that will help to minimize having these types of accounts in the first place.



3 – Selling Truth Series!

Paul Weyland presents a series that, when applied, will help your LOCAL customers to develop more compelling creative, reach the right audience, and bring more people to their place of business!


Featured Broadcast Pro of the Week

“I love LBS simply because they are always up with the times and the current situation the industry is in. LBS seems to know what we’re facing in this ever-evolving industry before we understand it ourselves. It’s almost as if they’re scripting it out themselves. The weekly sales ideas are a godsend! Thank you LBS!”
– Nathan Burrows, WAAY, Huntsville, AL

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