It’s Time to Cast Your Ballot!

radio-board-mapNominations are now closed for open seats on the KBA Board of Directors for new two year terms beginning on January 1, 2017. In two districts, only one candidate filed with no opposition.

In Radio District 8, Randy Thompson of WKCB radio in Hindman will assume the seat currently held by Keith Casebolt.

Additionally, Marti Hazel of WDRB-TV/ WMYO-TV Louisville was unopposed and will serve another term as Television Director- Louisville Market.

In Radio District 2, no one was nominated for the seat currently held by Brack Stacy of the Cromwell Group in Owensboro. Therefore, as dictated in the by-laws, the KBA Chairman will make an appointment to that seat to be approved by the executive committee.

In Radio District 4, an election will be held between Mark Buckles of Heritage Media of Leitchfield and Barb Smith of Forcht Broadcasting in Campbellsville.

In District 6, six candidates will square off in an election to succeed Bridgett Gambrel of Forcht Broadcasting, London, who is ineligible to seek a third term. The candidates running for Radio District 6 include: Kelly Wallingford, WCYO, WLFX, WEKY, and WIRV, Richmond; Dr. David S. Carr, Somerset Educational Broadcasting,Somerset; Robert Wagner, Hometown Radio Network, Danville; Mike Tarter, Forcht Broadcasting, Somerset; Jonathan Smith, Choice Radio, Stanford; and Travis Moody, WRIL, Middlesboro.

For Public Radio Director, John Hingsbergen of WEKU , Richmond ( who currently holds the seat) and Tom Godell of WUKY, Lexington will run against each other for that position.

According to KBA bylaws, ballots will be sent out electronically (i.e. email) to the general managers of districts where there is more than one candidate. Those ballots are due back by close-of-business on October 6th.

Districts where elections will be held–election closes at 5pm on Thursday, October 6:

District Two: Appointment by Chairman

District Four:
Mark Buckles, Heritage Media, Leitchfield
Barbara Smith, Forcht Broadcasting, Campbellsville

District Six:
Kelly Wallingford, President, WCYO, WLFX, WEKY, WIRV, Richmond
Dr. David S. Carr, Somerset Educational Broadcasting, Somerset
Robert Wagner, Hometown Radio Network, Danville
Mike Tarter, Forcht Broadcasting, Somerset
Jonathan Smith, Choice Radio,Stanford
Travis Moody, WRIL, Middlesboro

Public Radio Director:
Tom Godell, WUKY Radio, Lexington
John Hingsbergen, WEKU, Richmond

Ballots are due to KBA headquarters no later than 5pm on Thursday, October 6, 2016 to Remember, only one vote per station is permitted. If you are unsure of your district, please click here.

If you have any questions or did not receive your ballot, please contact Liza Livers at or call (502)848-0426.