Awards and Honors

The Kentucky Broadcasters Association bestows awards to deserving individuals and stations in the broadcast field on an annual basis.

Nominations for an award may be made by any member station and the awards committee. Self–nominations are also accepted. Email nominations to or fax (502) 848-5710 nd submit a brief narrative on behalf of the nominee. Please specify for which award you are nominating the individual. Your contact information must be included.

Al Temple Award

Past Recipients

Presented to those individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the Kentucky Broadcasters Association over an extended period of time. Their volunteer service is an invaluable part of this organizations success and ability to serve its members. The award is named in honor of the extraordinary service of Al Temple a pioneer secretary-treasurer of the KBA.

Kentucky Mic Hall of Fame Award

Past Recipients

Presented to those individuals who have made outstanding personal contributions to the broadcasting profession in Kentucky. This award is presented only when contributions are deemed worthy of this high honor and is not presented every year. Since this award is considered to be the highest award given by the KBA to recognize accomplishments in Kentucky broadcasting, recipients of this award and only recipients of this award are members of the KBA Hall of Fame.

J. T. Whitlock Life Service Award

Past Recipients

Presented to members retiring or leaving the profession who have earned perpetual membership and recognition as a result of their contributions to Kentucky broadcasting. Participation in conventions shall be at no cost to recipients of the Life Service Award and their spouse. The award is in honor of a life of service by J.T. Whitlock, longtime KBA Executive Director / Secretary-Treasurer.

Ralph Gabbard-Distinguished Kentuckian Award

Past Recipients

Given to present or former Kentuckians who have earned fame or acclaim in their field of endeavor and presented in recognition of the value of those achievements and accomplishments to the state and nation. This award is in honor of distinguished television broadcaster and former Kentucky Broadcasters Association Chairman Ralph Gabbard.